What's New

Updated January 27, 2021

What's In the Works?.

We are workingn on a digital (.pdf) version of Wilderness. It's a companion piece to Cities for running wilderness adventures. Using a modification of the system originated in Heart of the Sunken Lands it will provide full instructions and tables for running overland and oversea adventures in a wide variety of environments.

There's a revision to Cities in the works as well as Krondor, the Prince's City.

Gamesmaster's Aide Applications

For many years we've provided fine printed products and we now have digital versions of these original products.

We've now published our first App - Cities:Encounters amd corresponding MAC and PC Applications. These are the versions of the Encounter Tables from the Cities book. This first release is available from the Google Play store by clicking the Google Play badge found on the Products page. Similarly the free versions of the PC and MAC implementations are avaiable by clicking on the appropriate icon. Soon we hope to follow this with an iPhone version.

Based on the tables found in the Cities book but signifcantly expanded, this tool provides rapid generation of single and multiple encounters based on the area of town, time of day, and type of street the party is traveling.

This is planned on just being the first of our GamesMaster's Aide line of computer products.