(A sample of 'The City of Carse', published by Midkemia Press as a Fantasy Role-playing game suppliment. The bulk of the following was one of Ray's first pieces of published work...


This enclosed plaza can only be entered from the Market and continually has mounds Of 'stuff' lying here and about. None of it has any obvious worth but interesting buys can always be found. The city guard never comes here by arrangement but troublemakers are severely dealt with by the proprietors.
Ql ALE HOUSE, The Sign of the Double Bladed Axe.
Hugi Olafson, an ex-fighter from the north, runs this ale house for those coming to the Bazaar and others in the area. His wares are fair, though he carries Strong (NN4) Beer and Ale. Hugi (lvl 4, 33 HTR, FIGHTER, 55S PROB. BESERKER) uses battleaxe and wears scale, +2 normally to hit, +4 as Beserker.

Q2 COPPERSMITH, Mellisant's Fine Copper.
This store carries very high quality copper products of all types. The proprietor is Mellisant, a former courtesan in the autumn years of her life. She carries only the finest copper products and employs only the finqst workmen. Her wares are always in demand with the better homes of the city which creates quite a stir due to her location in the Bazaar. She is also just full of gossip about her former circle of friends (which include a number of people of means). Mellisant (carries poisoned dagger, a hangover from her former occupation)
Q3 BROTHEL, Mamma Grock's Whorehouse.
This establishment (perhaps that's too respectable a term) caters to those with exotic tastes...the working staff is entirely non-human. Mamma Grock is a tall, slender, graceful saurian (read that as lizard), with jeweled scales and a flexible tail she often uses to emphasize a point or discipline the staff (and customers). Featured among her staff are orcs, goblins, lizardfolk, a water-room of nixies and mermaids, a dryad or two with transplanted trees and a few unadvertised specials (some even willing). Mamma Grock specializes in discretion for her more important clients.

Q4. TOBACONIST, Stoneman Took's Sign of the Smoking Pipe.
Known to his friends as Stoney, this hobbit specializes in pipeweed, particularly Took's Wonder Weed, a pipeweed reputed to have 'interesting' effects on his customers (his competitors comment that Stoney is swindling his customers as Wonder Weed grows anywhere). He carries a full line of accessories for those who partake including hookas, water pipes, tiny spoons and a large variety of colored beads. In his off hours, Stoneman can be found resting at Ye Bitten Dog (Q13) where he is usually seen in the corner with a glazed expression on his face.

Q5. LAWYER, Albright and Albright Attornies at Law.
Cedrick and Dempster Albright (no relation to one another) have established their office here because no other space was available when they arrived. Overcoming their initial disgust at both their neighbors and their clients, they have since discovered the Bazaar to be a veritable harvest of malefactors requiring legal representation. They are now the richest attornies in the city.

Q6. OPIUM DEN, Pappa Loo's.
The most infamous drug den in the city (the only one; the motto over the door is "OUR BUSINESS, SUBSTANCE ABUSE"). Here the interested customer can find anything his little heart desires, from non-addictive to highly addictive drugs. The place is run by Pappa Loo and has never been busted in the history of the city (cops never come to the Bazaar). Pappa Loo (CHAOTIC CLERIC, lvl 5, 20 HTK), Gorm, his right (or is it left-hand man (FIGHTER, lvl 3, 15 HTK, leather armor)

Q7 MONEYCHANGER, Sign of the Balance Scales.
Grotan Weemes is willing to change any foreign currency into Carse coins at a rate of 1% of the transaction. He can also assay the worth of coins and precious metals and stones, for a fee of 10% value.

Q8 RES Grotan Weemes (Q7).

Q9 UNDERWRITER, Quality Assurance Company.
Owned by the Bletiscue brothers, Arny and George, this company will underwite most commercial ventures including shipping, businesses, and trading missions for rate depending on risk and cost. Normal terms vary from 25-75% of the potential profits.

Q10 MERCHANT, Herman's Odds and Ends.
A strange shop, specializing in all manner of strange items, many of which defy explanation and description. There is no telling what can be found by those willing to spend the time browsing among the piles of oddiments in Herman's. As no item has any obvious worth, price, it is left to the outcome of a healthy haggle with Hector, Herman's assistant (Herman is never in the store, being busy looking for new items for the shop). Hector will be insulted should the haggle not last at least a rousing 10 minutes and will refuse to sell any item he judges the buyer less than wholehertedly interested in. Some great buys can be found by those willing to look and haggle.

Among the items buried in the mess: 1 solar powered water purifier*, 1 painted crystal ball (still works, no one's thought to clean the paint off), 1 hand held med-evaluator* (with 3 general cure doses good vs. poison and disease), 1 magnetic limpid mine (broken)*, 1 case of Chinese fireworks*, a childs tea setting*, one gross teflon zippers*, 1 mechanical parrot which sings "Blow the Man Down*.

*These items are from another continuum, some being obvious in use but most will require the character be pretty bright and lucky to use.

Q11 ARTIST/SCULPTOR, Graham's Fine Miniatures.
This shop specializes in excellant quality miniature sculptures. Graham, who appears to be merely a small man of undistinguished looks, is in reality a high level Magi, Harcon the Malificent. He specializes in 'removing' troublesome individuals by contract. Many remark on the spendid likenesses his statues bear to individuals who have recently vanished. Harcon (lvl 12, 36 HTK, WAND OF REDUCTION, RING OF ARMOR CLASS 3)

Q12 PAWNBROKER, The Sign of the Brass Monkey.
Run by Tilden the Wizen, this shop provides instant cash for those with items of value (10-60% real value). Redemption is at 100s interest per week. Needless to say, Tilden is filthy rich. On the side he's a fence and works with the Mocker's Guild. Hidden under the floor in his private room in the rear of the building, is a chest containing: 15,000 gold value in gems; a platinum crown (it used to be the Baron's ten years ago and Tilden can't get anyone to buy it); a scroll of healing. There is a curse on the chest (save vs. spell or the opener is invested with leprosy)

Q13 TAVERN, Ye Bitten Dog.
Perhaps the most disreputable tavern in the city, no one will claim ownership, despite its constant and profitable business. The food and drink are poor at best but the lodging is really bad. Service is provided by Birtild the Barmaid, often mistaken for a beached whale. She speaks no known tongue but has no trouble making herself understood (she doubles as bouncer). Birtild (Strength 17, Intelligence 9)

Q14 ALCHEMIST, Rosarita's Palace of Philters, Potions and Poltices.
Rosarita flunked alchemy school, so all her products are cut rate. Anything anyone would possibly want is available (if its not she'll make it up in the back room) and some of them even work (base 10% chance unless its really simple).

Q15 RESTAURANT, The Magic Pan.
For only pennies the customer can have a meal fit for a king. The only difficulty is that its all illusion and as soon as you leave the Bazaar you'll become hungry again. Run by Bronk the Mage, this shop caters mostly to poorer clientele but occasionally a rather obese but wealthy group may show up for an evenings splurge.

Q16 MAGIC SHOP, no sign.
Xothan, the proprietor of this establishment sells magic. Any number of different items are available or can be readily procured but all will cost exorbitant prices. Under no condition will he ever sell more than 2 items to the same individual and he always remembers who he has sold to. A MAGIC MOUTH announces the arrival of customers should Xothan be in the back. There is a 30% chance that any item asked for will be available, but Xothan will never tell a prospective customer what he has in stock. Xothan (lvl 20, 65 HTK, carries WAND OF DEATH for use on abusive customers, RING OF HUMAN CONTROL).

Q17 PET STORE, Pigot's Pets.
Owned by Pigot the Handsome (Charisma 4), this establishment specializes in strange and unusual pets. Almost anything can be bought or ordered through Pigot if the price is right (always high). He deals with Tallia Ravenlock (T26) the best animal trainer in town for referals. Rumor has it that Mamma Grock can occasionally be seen leaving with a new employee or two (on a leash).